Hideaki Takizawa


Takky - Tackey


March 29th,1982

Place of birth   



168 cms


50 kgs

Blood type   


Family relation   

Dad, Mom, Older sister & brother

Favor season   


Favor food   

All sweat food

Started to Johnny's JR   

April 1995


Edit MD

Favor phrase  

In my self dictionary. There isn't the word "IMPOSSIBLE"



CM   SOH [Tackey+Ueda+Yuuichi]

CM   SOH [Tackey+Jin+Koji]

Song writer  " MY ANGEL, YOU ARE ANGEL  "


1995   Drama   Makuyou no kaidnd [Fuji TV]

1995   Drama   Chef

1996   Drama   Dareka ga dareka ni koishiteru

1997   Drama   Taimukiipaazu [Fuji TV]

1998   Drama   News no onna  [Fuji TV]

1999   Drama   Majo no jouken  [TBS]

 Drama   Shin oretachi no tabi  [NHK]

2000   Drama   Taiyou wa shizumanai   [Fuji TV]

2001   Drama   Antique   [Fuji TV]

 Drama   Speed star

 Drama   Strawberry on the shortcake  [TBS]

2001.04.14   TV Program   USO Japan [TBS]

2001.04.19   TV Program   Music Enta


2002   Drama   Taiyou no kisetsu  [TBS]

2003   Drama  
僕だけのマドンナ [Fuji TV]

2003.01.15   Drama   .....[NTV]

2003.03.22   Concert   Takizawa performs to "Pataya Music Festival" of Thailand.
                    FES that mobilizes 300,000 people.

2003.07.04   Drama   ....... to base

2003.07.07   Drama   Takizawa drama leading part appearance.  "Only my Madonna ... and I love her" (21:00 on Monday)

2003.10.15   TV Program   Chairperson decision of Takizawa of TBS new program.
                    TBS "Golden muscle"(20:00- on Wednesday every week) 

2003.10.24   Concert   go to J Asean Pops Concert Thailand 2003

2004.01.08   Theater   "Dream Boy"

2004.02.11   "Inu-Yasha" post recording of Hideaki Takizawa first challenge (francolin post).

2004.05.08   Theater   Osaka Umeda scene theater "Dream Boy" addition performance Start.

2004.08.10  TV Program    Takizawa is a start of TBS new program.
                   TBS "..Zubari.. uwayo"
「ズバリ言うわよ!」 (21:00- on Tuesday every week)

2004.08.11   DVD/VHS    "DREAM BOY"

2004.12        CM   Oronamin C

2005.01.09   Drama   Yoshitsune [NHK]

2005.09        CM   Conburiito 10 Min

2005.12.23   Concert  Tackey Solo Concert

2006.01.02    Drama   Satomi Hakkenden (TBS) Part 1 | 21:00 ~ 23:24

2006.03.07   Theater   Takizawa Enbujo

Tackey & Tsubasa BIOGRAPHY

2002.08.01  Tackey & Tsubasa debut announcement
                    - It announces by a nationwide seven large city street vision "Tackey & Tsubasa" unit debut.
                             [ Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yurakucho, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka ]
                   - Five debuting commemorative large-scale Tackey & Tsubasa bus start.
                   - Debut commemoration Tackey & Tsubasa airship and 10000 balloons occupy the sky over Shibuya.
                   - Extra announcement.

2002.09.08   Debut press conference.
                    It has an interview by ground "Yokohama Arena" of memories that two people left for the stage for the first time. The present of the  humanities character also : from FAN of 2000 people suddenly chosen.

2002.09.11   ALBUM   Debut album "Hatachi"

2002.10.19   Concert   Tackey & Tsubasa "Hatachi" de debut Giant Hits Concert with all Johnny's Jr .
                   The debut concert in Tokyo Dome 2days(2002.10.19-10.20) is executed. In the daytime of 10.20
                   The buyer limitation event of album "Hatachi" is held, and 160,000 total number people are Atsmacac in two days

2002.12.26   DVD&VHS   Tackey & Tsubasa "Hatachi" de debut Giant Hits Concert with all Johnny's Jr." is released.
                    The image of 2002.10.19?20 Tokyo Dome is compiled with 2002.5.3/4/5/6 Yokohama Arena. Total Johnny's Jr appearance to say nothing of   Takizawa and Imai. The first place Oricon dated January 6 music DVD chart first appearance acquisition.

2002.12.28   Concert   Additional performance execution.
                    Tackey & Tsubasa with all Johnny's Jr. concert 2002 In Osaka dome

2003.02.26   Single   "To be,To be,Ten made Ten made To be" is released.

2003.03.29   Six places in the single tour whole country and 16 performance decisions the first starting on birthday of Takizawa of 21 years old.
                    Mobilization of 4000 people every 180,000 people.

2003.11.12    Single   2ND SINGLE "Yumenomonogatari" release.

2003.12.31   Concert   Johnny's Starship Countdown 2003-2004

2004.02.11   Single   3RD SINGLE"One Day,One Dream" release.
                   The first Oricon chart first appearance place continuous is acquired.

2004.04.28   Album    "Twenty Two" release.

2004.07.24   Concert   The first overseas concert execution after it debuts in Thai Bangkok. Thai JPOP Concert

2004.11.03   Single   4TH SINGLE "serenade" release

2004.11.07   Baseball tournament fighting Johnny's Jr [野球大会乱闘!!]

2005.02.02   DVD/VHS   Taki Tsuba Haru Con [滝翼春魂]

2005.04.07   Theme song MASK2  "Kamen"

2005.04.30   Concert    Taki Tsuba '05 con  [Go Con]

2005.05.04   SINGLE   5th   Kamen / Miraikoukai

2005.07.25   Theater   Johnny’s Film Festa 2005

2005.10.22    Concert   Taki Tsuba Izumo Concert

2006.01.18     Single   5th  "Venus"